5 Mbps Shared
Rs 5,500
  • From 8:00AM till 7:59PM      5Mbps
  • From 8:00PM till 7:59AM      1Mbps
  • Static Ip                                       1



10 Mbps Shared
Rs 8,250
  • From 8:00AM till 7:59PM      10Mbps
  • From 8:00PM till 7:59AM      3Mbps
  • Static Ip                                       1



20 Mbps Shared
Rs 16,500
  • From 8:00AM till 7:59PM      20Mbps
  • From 8:00PM till 7:59AM      5Mbps
  • Static Ip                                       1



40 Mbps Shared
Rs 27,500
  • From 8:00AM till 7:59PM      40Mbps
  • From 8:00PM till 7:59AM      10Mbps
  • Static Ip                                       1





5 Mbps CIR
Rs 11,000
  • 24 Hours      5Mbps
  • 1 Static Ip                                      



10 Mbps CIR
Rs 19,250
  • 24 Hours      10Mbps
  • 1 Static Ip                                      



15 Mbps CIR
Rs 27,480
  • 24 Hours      15Mbps
  • 1 Static Ip                                      



20 Mbps CIR
Rs 33,000
  • 24 Hours      20Mbps
  • 1 Static Ip                                      



All packages are excluding taxes**

(**For More than 20Mbps Rs.1500/Mbps will be charged.)

WanCom's goal is simple: To unleash the potential of the Internet by making vast quantities of bandwidth an affordable reality for your business. Our unique ability to provide a higher performing service at a lower price makes Wancom an obvious choice.

WanCom is ranked among the top five networks in the City. Our Internet access is dedicated, non-oversubscribed and backed by one of the best SLAs available. Indeed, Wancom is a refreshing change from your traditional internet provider. Right from the start, we will impress you with our simple product, to rapid service installation, to proactive customer support. Our ability to provide reliable, yet affordable bandwidth has turned thousands of businesses and consumers into loyal fans.

WanCom provides On-Net Internet access to thousands buildings directly connected to our IP backbone. In these buildings, Wancom optical fiber physically runs through the building.

WanCom provides Off-Net Internet access to allover Karachi. Off-Net traffic also runs over the Wancom network, but a partner tail circuit connects the customer premise to our IP backbone. Off-Net service allows us to extend our reach exponentially, making Wancom service available to hundreds of additional businesses.

Product Features

FULL SLA : Our SLA guarantees 99.9% network availability.

RAPID INSTALLATION : Your service will be installed in 7 days or less.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT : Technical expertise is just a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

SIMPLE HANDOFF : No special wiring. No disruptions. No delays. Just a simple Ethernet handoff.

EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND BILLING : With flat rate pricing, each port and virtual circuit is billed at the same rate each month, with no hidden surprises.